An Elevator Ride In the Tower of Babel

An Elevator Ride in the Tower of Babel

In case you’ve ever wondered

What it might be like to travel

Up and down the corridors

Of the great Tower of Babel.


I’ll tell you what you’ll find there

In hopes that you won’t bother

To make the needless visit

For it has nothing to offer.


Masses upon masses of people

Not knowing what they’re after

By friends surrounded in fool’s paradise

Loneliness disguised as laughter


Because their true identity

A mystery remains

Their work to attain a higher sphere

Will all be done in vain.


In the ballroom we find them busy

Eating, drinking, and being merry

Frantically worshiping individuality

Their morals arbitrary.


The library is full of sophists

Who in their minds, are ever learning

Yet never able to come to knowledge

For the truth they’ll always be yearning.


Aimless concepts are the focus

Straightening deck chairs on the titanic

No messages just mediums

Nothing remotely messianic.


The walls are covered in paintings

Glorifying the confusing and abstract

Don’t try to deduce any meaning

Their purpose is to distract.


You’ll find plenty of entertainment

Geared to embed false satisfaction

Bread and circuses for everyone

Inviting tragic moral contraction.


By their own strength they strive for heaven

In this desperate spiritual heist

Rather than put their faith in the justice,

And mercy of Jesus Christ.


Please don’t be fooled by its size

Nor by its esteemed popularity

For soon this great tower will fall

Unmatched will be the severity.

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